British WWII BSA Folding Bicycle as displayed for the MVPA 2002 International Convention





Web Valise With Tire Inflator Mounted to the Central Support Shaft on the Frame


Side shot of an original BSA Leather Saddle with the tool pouch hanging beneath it.


Markings Found on the Leather Saddle.


Tire Inflator. This particular one is marked "British" on one side and "Britania" on the other.


Classic BSA Logo Cut Main Sprocket.


Leather Tool Pouch as Carried Beneath the Leather Saddle.


Sample Set of Basic Hand Tools as Typically Found in the Leather Tool Pouch Beneath the Saddle.


Another Basic Set of Tools.


A Later Issue Tool Kit for the Pouch.


Another Type of Tool Kit Pouch Dated 1944 Complete With Contents.


Original WWII British Made Michelin "War Grade" Tire


Original WWII British Made Dunlop "War Grade" Tire.


A "Lucas" Bell As Often Seen On Bikes While They Were Still In England. Horns Were Also Quite Common.


Rear Red Lense Marker Light.


BSA Decal Markings Including: Patend Numbers and Broad Arrow /|\ which go on the front frame support under the handle bars and the stacked rifle logo that goes on the central frame support under the seat. The two stacked rifle logo decals to the right are for BSA motorcycles.


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