Use Extreme Caution When Making Cut-Away Models From Filled or Unknown Pieces of Ordnance
French WWI VB Grenade
French WWI CF Grenade
Number 24 Mark II
Number 36 Mark I
Number 68 Mark III
Number 69 Mark I
Number 77 Mark I
2-Inch Mortar Bomb Fuze (Safe Mode - Ready to Launch)
H.E. 2-Inch Mortar Bomb
Smoke 2-Inch Mortar Bomb
Red and Green Multi-Star Signal 2-Inch Mortar Bomb
Parachute Illumination 2-Inch Mortar Bomb
Smoke 3-Inch Mortar Bomb
H.E. 4.2-Inch Mortar Bomb
Anti-Personnel Mine Mark II
3-Inch Mortar Bomb Fuze with Explosive Gain and Exploder Pellet (Armed Mode After Launching)
4.2-Inch Mortar Bomb Fuze (Safe Mode - Ready to Launch)
Anti-Tank Mine Mark V
2-Pounder Armour Piercing
2-Pounder H.E.
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