Gas Firing British Vickers Machine Gun





Electronic stuff inside a Number 10 ammo box. A small section of cloth belt holds enough dummy rounds to cross from the box to the feed mechanism and make the gun look live for display. An extra section of belt is sewn on underneath and the wire harness passes invisibly from its connections to the gun. 12 volt battery and coil provide power and charge for the spark plug in the gun. A tupperware sandwich box holds the main card that drives the gun. It is padded inside to protect the card from bouncing around and is more importantly waterproof. An idiot light on the plastic box allows easy visual confirmation that the power is on.


Main Harness Quick Connect Plug and Primary Coil Wire Quick Connector. Both can be pulled into the feed mechanism on the gun once they are connected by simply pulling part of the empty belt through the passage which also will bring the dummy rounds up to where they look proper for firing.


Oxygen and Propane lines hanging out from the spent brass ejection port beneath the gun. Quick release connectors with anti-backflash devices make it easy to hook up and prevent explosions.


All the rest of the components crammed into the receiver of the Vickers. Looking at this should answer your next question about the posibility of converting a Bren.


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